The adult industry is filled with various kinds of aspects that tend to meet people’s demands. From categories to pornstars, they tend to include different types of visual treatment to their mass audiences. Due to their long list of actions, specific details have emerged that indicate both the industry and its impacts. By covering all these points, you will get a brief idea about the entire process and also clarify certain myths, if you believe in any. So to make matters fruitful, here are important details about the adult industry.

1. Every 39 Minutes

At first 39 minutes might not make much of a difference, but when it comes to the porn industry, it does. The United States of America produces or creates a porn film every 39 minutes. To keep up with figures of production and demand, various agencies tend to come forward and make matters meet.

2. Billion Hits

If one has to go behind the viewership of porn, then you need to know that figures end up between millions and billions. In 2013, Pornhub had around 14 billion hits which averages to 1.68 million visits per hour for the rest of the year. Yes, that’s right. Billions of people tune in to watch porn from all over the world.

3. Porn at Work?

While you might believe that men and women tend to watch porn between closed doors, the fact of the matter does not seem to be the same. Around 20% of men and 13% of women have admitted to watching porn at work. These figures come from surveys and hours of research. The main reason behind the same might not be understood, but individual people seem to be getting something by watching porn at work.

4. Porn Watching Sessions

Porn watching sessions tend to point out at the average time that an individual spends at a porn website. Going by these figures, it is quite clear that America comes first. On average, an American spends around 10 minutes on a porn website each time they visit. The UK and then Germany further follow the list.

5. The Industry

By now, it is understandable that the porn industry is enormous, but how huge in terms of numbers? Well, to be specific, the size of the porn industry worldwide is around $100 billion, out of which 12 Billion comes from America.

6. Women and Porn

There was a significant misconception that women don’t watch porn. Although women do not watch porn as much as men, they still very much watch porn. In fact, their favourite category is lesbian porn, and it is the top searched word among female viewers.