The escort business has been blooming since the internet became a part of people’s lives. More men today are relying on escort services rather than going for real dates. They like the idea of getting intimate with a beautiful woman without having to worry about commitments and relationships. While there are plenty of escort websites available online, it is not that easy to find our which services are real. Many scammers have taken an interest in this business due to its growing need. Men are facing huge scams, frauds, and cases of robbery while signing up on such fake websites. Before anyone plans on to register in an online escort agency, here is what they should consider.

Identify fake pictures

Most of the times, the scammers do not have enough time to focus on a single website as they need to build hundreds of them to run their scam. Due to this, they cannot waste time on finding real models, doing photoshoots, and writing info about them. Instead, they use the fasted sources of images online and use them for their website. Many times you can find images of known celebrities on such websites. If you are not sure if the picture on the website is real, you can use an image search tool to  detect its source, which will be Google images in most cases.

Clear out your preferences

Always be straightforward in telling them what you want. When you talk to an agent, make sure that he listens to all your needs properly. Do not feel shy to share your what you desire as they are used to such demands and will not judge you for it. Confirm that the escort you are hiring will deliver everything you asked for and if the agent makes excuses and delays your questions, cut the call directly and look for a more professional service.

When you share Credit Information

The websites that offer to deliver the best escort services at low prices but need your credit card information first are the easiest scams to catch. Never share your credit card information on any website before you can talk with someone from the agency. A good escort agency will know that asking money first will chase off their customers, so they make sure that the payments are made after their client is satisfied by their service.

Be Careful of the Incall Services

Sometime the websites will only offer incall services or may have lower prices for incall services. You need to be extra careful here while choosing to visit your escort. It is suggested that you always choose the outcall service first when hiring from a new service, so you know that there is nothing fishy going on on the other side. Choosing incall service on the first experience can create a lot of problems for the clients if the service is a fraud. There can be hidden cameras or other men hiding nearby to charge for a robbery as soon as the client arrives. Also, avoid carrying your valuable in the incall service and simply carry the amount you have to pay to prevent any major robberies.