Dating an escort is not a struggle as you will be paying your escort for her company. What is more important is whether you know how the escorts like being treated and what makes a client good or bad based on what they do. Until you cross all your limits, you do not really have to put an effort to impress your date. But if you want to create a good image in front of her so that she puts your name in her good books, here are some tips for you. Depending upon how long have you booked your company, you can use these tips to be a gentleman to your escort.

Dress Well

Any woman would like their date to dress well for the occasion whether she is an escort or not. Choose the right outfits that will suit your personality as well as the occasion. If you are planning to go out, you can wear something comfortable and decent so that your escort does not feel embarrassed to walk with you. If you are a businessman, wearing formals is not then enough to attract your date. Stay well-groomed and take a shower before your date.

Be on time

One thing that escorts hate the most in jobs is when their clients leave them hanging. No one wants to wait for anyone, and this might also affect your entire experience if the escort is pissed on you for being late. Try to be present in the venue at the decided time and just in case you are running late, call the escort and let her know that there will be a delay. If you are not planning to show up at all, let your escort know about it so she does not have to waste her entire day and can instead look for a new client.

Buy her a gift

Most of the rich clients compliment their escorts with flowers or a bottle of champagne. It is considered polite and makes the escort feel that you have been really planning on meeting her. You can enjoy the champagne with her later, which will also set the mood right for both of you. You do not have to overdo on the gifts as even a small token of appreciation will make her happy.

Introduce yourself

Take time to talk before you indulge in any intimate activity. Use this time to get to know about each other. Tell her something about yourself like what you do and why you like to meet escorts. Listen to her as well and let her know that you are interested in knowing about her. Getting to know about each other will develop a strong bond between you both which will elevate your experience even more. Also, telling her about your work will create an image in her head that she is with a successful person.