An escorts agency is any individual or few persons who, for monetary or other purpose, makes themselves accessible to the general public for the sake of companionship or accompaniment. The escorts are professionally known as personal or pimp escorts. The escort agency is the firm that arranged the meeting between the escort and patron. Usually the agency or a personal representative accompanies the client on his/her outings. Escorts have to obtain an escort license from their locality licensing authorities.

Although there are various definitions of what an escort is, according to legal dictionaries, the following are some common ones: an agent who facilitates travel; a body servant, official messenger, courier, privately hired performer, and a male dancer. These definitions include not only prostitutes and escorts, but the police officers who escort suspects to and from judicial houses, mental hospitals, banks, factories, brothels, street performers, street vendors, and others. Some other categories of escorts are the bail enforcement agents, highway or state police escorts, corporate escorts, and corrections officers. The legal regulation of prostitution refers to escorts engaged in the act of prostitution, but not related to any legitimate business. In other words, anyone engaging in the business of providing escort services is considered to be an illegal sex worker.

For example, a registered nurse is not an escort, although she may sometimes act as one. The same is true of an orderly, docile employee at a bank, a store clerk, a delivery driver, or a gas station attendant. The law does not distinguish between the proper function of these different types of workers. Therefore, a registered nurse who solicits business through her uniform and her mere presence in a financial institution, cannot be legally charged with the crime of prostitution. Likewise, an off-duty police officer, who works in an airport, cannot be charged with the crime of escort if he were caught soliciting business at a bar, club, or other place where alcohol is sold legally.

The prostitution of the escort is a gray area, and it is difficult to draw the line between the legal prostitution of an individual person and the crime of prostitution itself. In some jurisdictions, an individual who drives a vehicle that is used for the transportation of persons to and from places of prostitution may be charged with a violation of the law. Similarly, an individual who advertises the service of a pimp may be charged with transporting persons to a place of prostitution. While neither of these types of escorts ever directly touch the goods for sale, and the law does not view them as accomplices, the mere operation of driving a car or operating a truck in an vicinity of a prostitution facility can be viewed as an indirect effort to participate in the commercial exchange of sex for money.

Those charged with the crime of prostitution are often innocent. But there are some who are actually guilty of such activities. Escort services that falsely accuse customers of being in the employ of prostitutes have a great risk of being shut down. Charges of this nature are subject to intense legal scrutiny, and the dismissal of such charges is subject to extremely high risk of prejudice. For those who falsely accuse customers of being prostitutes, and for those who provide the false information to police, the charges of prostitution can easily be sustained in court. If the case goes to trial, and if the defense attorney is able to discredit the prosecution’s evidence, the charges will ultimately be dropped.

Not all escorts engaged in this particular activity are illegal. Some simply act as representatives of others who wish to engage in illegal conduct. A common example would be an individual who drives an illegal taxi cab. The driver provides companionship to the customers who hail the taxi, and they are never charged with having any intention of performing any type of criminal activity. A separate profession may exist which employs individuals who are willing to engage in illegal activity for a fee, but they do not ever approach customers in such a way that they present themselves as having any intention of wrongdoing.

Escorts who falsely accuse persons of engaging in criminal activity face a misdemeanor charge in California. These misdemeanors carry a prison sentence of one year and up. As part of their punishment for misdemeanor charges, most Escorts will be required to register with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and pay a one-year nonsurgical fine. This fine will be added to their regular sentence for felony crimes. Escorts who continue to be convicted of misdemeanor crimes may also lose their chance to eventually become licensed through the California State Department of Motor Vehicles.

California’s top entertainment industry is the adult entertainment industry. Many Escorts choose to work within the industry to increase their social network opportunities. If an Escort is willing to spend time in the county jail, or on prison cell blocks, they could possibly find themselves cut off from future opportunities, depending upon the severity of their offense. Therefore, being a good citizen is important when becoming an Escort. Escorts should always put their personal safety first, before considering others’ feelings or wants. People looking to hire Escorts in Los Angeles, California should contact an impeccable criminal defense lawyer, and exhaust all other options before becoming involved with the criminal justice system.